Teaching Well's Teacher Wellness Coaching is all about completely personalizing your teacher wellness journey...

Empowering you to find calm amidst chaos and serenity over stress.

Do you ever feel like you have the best intentions to do something different to take care of yourself as an educator but it doesn't ever work?

Do you ever feel like there is no solution and you are too exhausted to look for one?

Do you ever feel like day after day the joy is gone from teaching and there doesn't seem to be any immediate solution for things to be different?

Do you ever feel like this is going to be your last year unless something changes?

Why Teacher Wellness Coaching?

Teacher Wellness Coaching is for you if...

  • You are ready to feel differently in your classroom, school, and beyond.

  • You are sick of the normalcy of teacher stress and burnout and want something different for yourself.

  • You are tired of waiting for other things to change and want actionable steps to find some relief now.

  • You would like a little accountability with reaching your goals or intentions.

  • You want personalized attention that will speak to your individual classroom concerns.

Here's how Teacher Wellness Coaching Works...

Hi, I’m Danielle Nuhfer...

I’m a teacher wellness coach {and a fellow teacher!} and I help time-crunched teachers find time for self-care.

If you are a teacher who wants to build resilience by saying no to what isn’t working and saying yes to the real and achievable possibility of balance both inside and outside the classroom, then continue reading for more information about the process!

  • First I help you get clear about where you are at right now and where you want to be in regard to classroom and personal health and wellbeing. If you are unsure, as many people are, I have an excellent assessment that can help you clarify.

  • Next we dig a little more deeply into your values and identify any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the life that you desire and deserve.

  • From there we identify what strengths you can leverage to reach this outcome.

  • Then we create specific measurable goals and an action plan to achieve them.

  • Finally we explore techniques and tools to support your growth and change as you navigate this process with compassion for yourself and others.

As your teacher wellness coach, you will be focused, motivated and accountable as you work toward your goals. As you know, change isn’t always easy. Setbacks can occur. Limiting beliefs may surface.

Through our work together I’ll help you overcome any challenges that may arise, enabling you to continue steadily forward as you create and live a more fulfilling, balanced and fun-filled life.

Teacher Wellness Coaching Specifics

In your 30-45 minute coaching calls you will get coaching from Danielle about your specific classroom/school/personal situation.

This is a great investment for those wishing for greater accountability and will provide you with the most individualized attention so that you can take these solutions and not ever have to feel stress like this again!

Frequently Asked Questions

You said you're a teacher, what are your credentials to do this work?

In addition to my own experience with successfully navigating two of my own bouts of burnout, I'm also an ICF Certified Coach, and an Instructional Coach, a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor, and a certified Yoga instructor. I also have a degree in Positive Psychology and a certificate in SEL Leadership from Rutgers University.

To get a deeper feel for how my education and experience have integrating into the work I do with Teaching Well, check my full bio HERE.

How does this coaching process work?

This is an online coaching format where you get individualized support from Danielle at Teaching Well.

You will have action items and suggested resources to implement between our sessions and access to a plethora of resources via the course portal.

And support is only ever an email away.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

This first session is for a FREE Teacher Wellness Coaching Call. You can schedule this NOW

You will not be charged anything before we have our first call together. It's so that we can get to know one another and see if we're a good fit!

How do I schedule my appointment?

Before beginning the process, schedule a FREE coaching call HERE. During this call, I will give you actionable directions for something you may be struggling with and we can see if we are a good fit to work together.

Can I purchase coaching beyond the discovery call?

Absolutely! We'll go over all of that in our first call together!

I'm interested, but I'm concerned about the potential cost, can you help?

I get it! Remember, I was a teacher too. We can set up monthly payment plans, so that you have a smaller monthly investment. Another option is to see if your school district has unused or allocated (for you) professional development funds. More and more districts are making a switch to personalized professional development. I will be able to provide you with a certificate and proof of professional development hours depending on the package you choose.

I'm a school administrator. Can I purchase coaching for specific teachers in my district?

Yes! Either contact me directly at [email protected] or schedule a free call and we'll work out the details for purchasing a block of coaching for specific staff members OR to use as an ala carte option throughout a designated time.

Is this really going to help? What have other teachers experienced?

Here are just a few testimonials from real teachers who have participated in teacher wellness coaching.

"I feel like I'm finally in touch with my inner self, and realize that I've actually been neglecting myself for many years."

Colleen, Middle School Teacher

"Thank you for all of your guidance these past weeks. I feel freer and happier."

AmandaElementary Teacher

If you're looking for this kind of change, then please consider a teacher wellness coaching call.