Mindful Stress Solutions for Teachers

Develop skills to respond rather than react to the very real and often damaging stress and overwhelm of teacher life through mindfulness.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are beyond stressed about the constant demands for your time and attention in your classroom and beyond.

You are giving, giving, and giving and getting little in return.

You feel others treat you like a bottomless well that will never dry out.

But you know you are about to reach your tipping point of being able to keep this going and doing your best for your students and your school.

Something has to give, and you are concerned that it might be YOU.

You don't know if you are going to make it another school year if something doesn't change.

Right here. Right now.

You are at your wits end because you don't know what else to do and you can't see how anything will change so that things can be different.

What if I told you that you don't have to wait for ANY of that to change for you to feel differently?

You don't have to wait for ANY of that to change for you to feel better?

What if I told you that there is a solution and it doesn't include going to school for another degree, waiting for someone else to create less testing regulations, hiring someone to help you with all the additional paperwork or getting assigned a classroom full of new students.

What if I told you there is a solution that doesn't rely on anyone else to change?

What if I told you there is a solution that doesn't need anything else to change?


What if I told you that when you learn these simple stress solutions...

everything WOULD change?

What if I told you that after learning the Mindful Stress Solutions for Teachers...


  • How to respond to stressful situations instead of flipping out and losing your cool.

  • How to care for yourself so that you can be your best both inside and outside the classroom.


  • Less stress and overwhelm about typical school situations that used to overwhelm you.

  • Less guilty about taking care of yourself first.

What if I told you that all of that change could happen in just a few short weeks?

A change that could completely shift the way you feel in your classroom for the rest of your career?

It's completely possible. I'll show you how!

This course is for your if you are...

  • Tired of feeling stressed & overwhelmed day after day in your classroom and at school.
  • Feel like there’s never enough of you to go around with all the demands put on you by students, administrators, and parents.
  • Having a difficult finding time for your own self-care (without feeling guilty about it).
  • Uncertain how you're going to continue being a teacher if things keep going how they’re going.


Here's what you get...

  • SEVEN weeks of course materials with materials being released each week so that you don't get overwhelmed and can stick to one solution at a time.
  • A deep dive into ONE mindful stress solution/week with practical and immediate classroom/school application.
  • Weekly email reminders for when content is released each week.
  • Slides, documents and other curated resources for EACH mindful stress solution.
  • Video lessons for each mindful stress solution.
  • Course discussion board to reflect on weekly lessons with other participants.
  • Closed Facebook Group access to converse with other like-minded teachers.
  • An email “hotline” to submit your questions and send feedback to course instructor.

**All with the FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY to complete course work WHEN it works for YOU!**

Your Instructor

Danielle A. Nuhfer, M. Ed.
Danielle A. Nuhfer, M. Ed.

Hi, I’m Danielle Nuhfer.

I’m a teacher wellness coach (and a fellow teacher!) and I help time-crunched teachers find time for radical self-care.

I work with teachers who love what they do (most of the time) but don’t love how they feel (some of the time): teachers who want to find balance in all areas of their lives without leaving a profession that they love.

My specialty is supporting teachers in building their resilience by saying “NO” to what isn’t working and saying “YES” to the real and achievable possibility of balance both inside and outside of the classroom.

Join me in changing our world, by learning how to feel well, live well, and teach well.


Here are real experiences from real educators about Mindful Stress Solutions for Teachers...

"The Mindful Stress Solutions for Teachers course has helped me find the balance that was missing. I have a new perspective on how I face the daily stress in my profession and have a toolbox of strategies to manage that stress.

I feel far less overwhelmed and more grounded to meet the challenges and demands of each day. I have learned ways to treat myself more gently and am better equipped to respond to situations rather than just react.

Being more mindful and giving myself time and grace has been so beneficial in keeping me living and enjoying the present!"

- Krista, Elementary Itinerant Support Teacher

"This course has helped me personally and professionally. I feel much less reactive and more responsive in and out of the classroom. I recommend this class to all teachers as our profession is demanding and constantly changing.

This class provides tools, tactics, and support to maintain a healthy and balanced life at work and at home."

- Suzann, Middle School Teacher


Here's the guarantee...

By the end of this course, you will have access to the exact stress solutions I have used to successfully work with student misbehavior, reduce overwhelm from juggling too many tasks and learn to care for myself again without guilt.

You will understand your unique stress reactions and triggers and have solutions to help you learn how to respond rather than react to classroom and school stress.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to the Course!
Available in days
days after you enroll


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course officially starts when you sign up. For the following seven weeks, a new module will be released. Then you will have lifetime access to the course materials!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Will I earn CEUs or Graduate Credits for this course?
Upon completion of the course, including submitting a short written reflection, you will receive documentation from Teaching Well of 30 clock hours of continuing education. Awarding CEU’s for completed coursework is often up to local committees or state organizations, so you are encouraged to check with your district about CEU requirements to see if this course will satisfy your school’s criteria. We are currently unable to offer graduate credit for this course.
How can this help me if I’m already so stressed and never feel like I have enough time?
It’s clear that so much of our stress is caused by not enough time. By putting in the time now, you will spend less time on classroom management and be able to spend more time building relationships with your students. So it may feel like you’re adding more to your plate but you will find ways to better choose what activities to give your time and attention to. It may seem like right now you don’t have time but because you will be a part of the community going through the course together, it will be easier to make yourself a priority throughout the duration of the course.
How can I justify paying this money right now?
It’s understandable how the cost could be a deterrent but think of this is as an investment in your health and well-being. The rate of teacher burnout and leaving the profession is skyrocketing. And if not leaving the profession, many teachers are reporting a dramatic decline in overall health and well-being. This course is a fraction of the cost of caring for your health or needing to find a new profession. This course is an opportunity to invest in yourself, your career and your health so that the time you spend at work is less stressful and consequently so is the time you spend outside of work.

"I would strongly recommend Mindful Stress Solutions for Teachers to all educators! If you work in the field of education, you undoubtedly experience stress related to the demands of the job.

You, and in turn your students, will greatly benefit from learning the tips and strategies taught in this course to manage stress and thrive as an educator!

You owe it to yourself to take this course! "

- Stacey, Middle School Guidance Counselor


A few parting thoughts…

I’ve spent years learning, developing, and implementing these stress solutions. I want to give these solutions to you so that you can spend your precious time teaching students and being the teacher (and person) you want to be and live the life you want to live, with a little less stress and a lot more happiness.

With these mindful stress solutions, I was able to learn how to work with the stresses of being a teacher without losing my mind, myself and my temper.

Eventually I was able to wake up in the morning without a feeling of dread about my lack of time, student misbehavior and inability to care for myself. Instead, I now had real solutions and I welcomed the challenges most days brought with a renewed outlook.

Throughout the past few years, I have been able to teach these tools to thousands of other teachers through courses, professional development programs and book studies and now I want to pass these solutions on to you!

Are you ready?

How long can you afford to wait at the expense of your own health and well-being?

If the time is now...LET'S GET STARTED!

To teaching well,


Get started now!