Path of the Mindful Teacher Mindfulness Practices {GROWING BUNDLE}

Access a growing library of mindfulness practices specifically for teachers!

You will get access to ALL the guided mindfulness practices for teachers already listed


ALL of the additional ones that will be added on a regular basis.

That's why it's called a GROWING BUNDLE!


Each guided mindfulness practice is created SPECIFICALLY for teachers by a teacher, so you will be able to directly apply the guided practice to the classroom and beyond.

You will receive actionable ways to implement the topics into your classroom after you are done listening. The mindfulness practices range in length but are appropriate to listen to while exercising, walking, or sitting. So take them on the go to fill your own self-care bucket while learning how to integrate the concept of mindfulness into your classroom.

The BEST part is that you are paying right now to access ALL the previous practices PLUS you will get access to all future ones as they are added into the Guided Mindfulness Practices for Teachers {GROWING BUNDLE}!

Your Instructor

Danielle A. Nuhfer, M. Ed.
Danielle A. Nuhfer, M. Ed.

Danielle Nuhfer specializes in teaching mindfulness, stress reduction, self-care and habit formation to teachers and students. A 17 year high school English teacher, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor and teacher wellness coach, Danielle is the founder of Teaching Well which is dedicated to helping teachers reduce stress and burnout while finding and sustaining balance and wellness inside and outside of their classrooms. Since 2012, Danielle has been honored to work with teachers through professional development opportunities, online courses, and one-on-one teacher wellness coaching.


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